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In 1970, the Hill House Housing Development Corporation (now the Hill House Economic Development Corporation) became one of the first agencies to tackle housing redevelopment on the Hill. The growing housing stock and influx of new Hill residents seen today is testament to its early vision.

A 1997, a first-ever capital campaign under director James Henry raised $5 million in much-needed funds to renovate campus facilities. Succeeding Henry in 2003, new President and CEO Evan Frazier led a strategic planning process that laid the groundwork for a second phase of renewal. The Generations Ahead campaign, launched in 2008, will sustain the work of the Hill House for generations to come.

Today, serving 70,000 people a year—more than 500,000 since its founding—the Hill House is a model of responsible, effective community service. It’s ready to join with a larger community of supporters who can help it secure its future and share its methods of success.

The Hill House not only provides core programs, it works to provide premium space to insure other community services providers are able to work in the community to provide supportive human services. It actively supports community based collaborations to leverage funding opportunities and ensure that a broad variety of services are available to Hill District residents.


Region of Focus: