Housing Summit


Human Rights, Affordable Housing & Urban Development Strategies
University of Pittsburgh

As part of the Global Studies Center Faculty Fellow Project. This year's faculty fellow is Professor Jackie Smith.

Rising rents and low, stagnant wages have deepened the affordable housing crisis affecting Pittsburgh and other cities around the world. City planners and task forces have put forward numerous possible solutions to the crisis, but so far these have failed to fill enormous gaps between the supply of and the demand for decent, affordable housing. The Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh is helping convene the University-Community Housing Summit as a space for residents to come together with organizers and experts from around the world to discuss the global and local forces affecting people’s access to affordable housing and the efforts to address them. Public lectures, panels, workshops, and cultural events will facilitate learning and networking aimed at highlighting this issue on the public and policy agenda while advancing new thinking and community organization that can help Pittsburgh residents realize their human right to housing. Local organizations, educators, community leaders, and the general public are invited to join us as we come together to tackle a critical challenge for our city.

Full information and resources available here

Co-Sponsors: University of Pittsburgh Global Studies Center, Northside Coalition for Fair Housing, Casa San Jose, Hill District Consensus Group, Pittsburgh Homes for All Coalition, Human Rights City Alliance, United Steelworkers, Other U. of Pittsburgh Departments & Programs.*Major financial support for the Housing Summit has been provided by the Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh and the Northside Coalition for Fair Housing.



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