Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The biggest decision most students make—after deciding where to go to college—is whether to study abroad. At the Global Studies Center, we encourage overseas study. Most of our graduates have studied abroad, and many have studied abroad more than once!

In 2018, GSC's signature study abroad program, Pitt Map, will focus on the theme of Global Health and Well-Being. 

In 2018, the study abroad program will be led by Prof. Cyndy Salter (School of Public Health) and this 15-week, 15-credit credit program will use site-specific case studies to illustrate larger trends and themes. Specific site case studies will include:  

  • Shanghai, China: As the industry and population continue to grow in China, cities are facing pollution and environmental challenges.  While in China's largest city, you'll study the effect that the environment has on public health issues and what cities and countries are doing to combat this growing and changing challenge.
  • Sydney, Australia: Although Sydney is not Australia's capital city, it is one of the largest in the country and has the highest concentration of immigrant populations, second only to Melbourne.  Here, you will study the ways in which local and national governments handle immigration, with a specific focus on health and human services.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: While in Latin America, you will study the manifestation of health and well-being in culture through literature. 
Looking further ahead, Pitt MAPs in Spring 2019 will focus on the theme, Challenging Inequalities, and specific site case studies are expected to include:
  • Cochabamba, Bolivia;
  • Sydney, Australia;
  • Mussoorie, India.
In Spring 2020, Pitt MAPs will focus on the theme, Security and Rights, with specific site case studies expected to include:
  • Granada, Spain;
  • Meknes, Morocco;
  • Beijing, China.

As an active and engaged participant in this program, you will develop the ability to create meaningful and analytical connections across multiple global issues, and apply site specific health issues within the context of larger global concerns.

Last year, more than 1,700 Pitt students made the best decision of their life: they studied abroad!
Come to the GSC to discuss your ideas for studying abroad! We’ll help you make it happen!

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