Current Mini Course and Pop-Up Course Offerings

Current Mini Course: Technology, Humanity, and Social Justice (PS 1555)

About the course:

As humans rely more and more on electronic devices to support their everyday activities, there are ever present warnings about the impacts such reliance has on human autonomy ranging from who owns and controls information networks, the inequitable impact of technology consumption on peoples and places, varying accessibility of technology around the globe, and the promises and limitations of technology in improving human health. By engaging in technology as a lens, this sequence of weekend micro-courses encourages students to examine technology as a system disproportionately impacting humanity by enabling and constraining human rights of groups of people around the globe. With a multi-disciplinary focus, the course invites researchers and practitioners from the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and relevant fields more broadly. 

In Spring 2022, the focus will be on the role governments and corporations play in the control of information networks and its impacts on privacy as well as ownership and access to data. This will include discussion of the bias and possibilities in surveillance and predictive technology on local and global communities. 

The course will occur on Friday, March 18th, Saturday, March 19th, and Sunday, March 21st. Engagement in the course should be synchronous; accommodations for those in significant time zone differences will be provided to allow enrollment and completion of all elements of the weekend. A pre-course video review of the major course assignment will need to be completed prior to the course starting. One-credit for Pitt students / 3 units for CMU students is provided for the completion of each iteration of the mini-course.

  • Read more about the course, featured speakers, and schedule here.