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Santiago, Chile

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Are you interested in volunteering to teach English in Chile? Consider the English Opens Doors Program. Participation is FREE and placements are available throughout Chile.

The English Opens Doors Program is sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme-Chile and the Chilean Ministry of Education. The English Opens Doors Program seeks highly motivated individuals to work as English teaching assistants in public schools throughout Chile. A typical week for a full-time volunteer includes 24 hours of English teaching and 11 hours of extracurricular activities. Volunteers teach alongside a Chilean head teacher and work with students ranging from 10 years old to 18 years old.

We are offering four Volunteer Service options in 2020!

VS1 (Mar. 16-July 19, 2020) application due: Nov. 18, 2019

VS2 (Mar. 30-Nov. 29, 2020) application due: Dec. 2, 2019

VS3 (July 20-Nov. 22, 2019) application due: Mar. 9, 2020

VS4 (Aug. 3-Dec. 6, 2019) application due: Mar. 23, 2020

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