Global Dialogue Series

Hear a different perception of the world on pressing global issues and engage in discourse by participating in a discussion with Turkish students and faculty at Yasar University.

The Global Dialogue Series is a unique opportunity to trade thoughts and perspectives with fellow academics on the other side of the globe via live videoconferencing. The conversations will take place with students enrolled in Yasar University’s Department of International Relations, whose faculty work on several topics including EU-Turkey relations, energy security, migration, contemporary Balkan studies, conflict analysis and resolution, peace studies etc. Yasar also houses a European Union Center, and a Mediterranean Center facilitating research in the areas of governance and security. Come ready to ask questions of the participants from Yasar, and also be ready to answer questions they may have for you!

Dates & Discussion Topics

11/13 at 10AM
Population and Migration, with Professor Ayselin Yildiz
Students will discuss global migration, the immigration dilemma in Europe, and the current migration crisis affecting the continent.
Suggested Readings:

11/6 at 10AM
Conflict and Proliferation of Weapons, with Prof. Nazif Mandaci
Students will discuss the relationship between conflict and the proliferation of small and light weaponry and nuclear proliferation. Conflict resolution will be a theme.
Suggested Readings:

  • See attached
  • See attached
  • Strazzari Francesco & Simone Tholens. 2009. “Tesco for Terrorists’ Reconsidered: Arms and Conflict Dynamics in Libya and in the Sahara-Sahel Region.” European Journal of Criminal Policy Research. 20: 343-360.
  • Sagan, Scott D. 2009. “Shared Responsibilities for Nuclear Disarmament.” Daedalus. Fall. 157-68.
  • Schelling, Thomas C. 2009. “A World Without Nuclear Weapons?” Daedalus. Fall. 124-9.

10/16 at 11AM
Inequality and Poverty, with Professor Emre Iseri
Students will discuss poverty, inequality between countries, and sustainable development. Prospects for democratic stability in capitalist countries will be discussed.
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