The Global Studies Center


The Global Studies Center is a dynamic and innovative program that is one of an elite group of seven global centers funded by the US department of Education. We seek to promote critical thinking and practical engagement with the world through the interdisciplinary study of transnational processes. We emphasize the connections, divisions, disruptions, inequalities, and productive possibilities these processes engender across time and space. We foster innovative research, rigorous study, and thoughtful practice through our collaborations with staff, students, faculty, and community partners locally and around the world, creating diverse and inclusive spaces for intellectual growth and debate.

A sample of what is on offer in a typical semester with the Global Studies Center is as follows:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Level Academic BPhil and Certificate Programs;
  • Student Career Resources and Workshops; 
  • Sponsorship of Collaborative Seminars, Public Lectures and Conferences;
  • Funding Provision in the form of Grants and Fellowships for Students and Faculty alike; 
  • Professional Development Workshops and Events for Educators;
  • Funding Support for Community Educators; 
  • Hosting K-12 Educational Visits and Competitions; 
  • Community Initiatives in Partnership with Globally-Focused Pittsburgh Organizations

GSC Annual Reports:


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