K-12 Student Opportunities

GSC Year-Round Opportunities

School Visits - Would you like to supplement your classroom instruction with a guest speaker? The Global Studies Center can work with teachers to schedule a visit from a scholar, Pitt student, or local expert to speak about a global topic relevant to your classroom instruction. For more information email Maja Konitzer, Program Manager, at majab@pitt.edu.

Foreign Language Teaching Internships - Would your students benefit from foreign language teaching from a Pitt student? Many Pitt students hope to make a career in education and would gain a lot of insight and experience by teaching their foreign languages to small groups of students. They would also be able to design lessons drawing on their study abroad experiences, and use this to foster excitement amongst students for learning foreign languages. If you think your school would be interested in partnering with the Global Studies Center to offer foreign language teaching internships to Pitt students, please contact Maja Konitzer, Program Manager, at majab@pitt.edu

Annual Events

Cultural Communications Alliance: International Marketing Competition
Date & Time: April 30, 2019
Location: University of Pittsburgh
Contact: David E. K. Smith, Teacher Liaison davideksmith@pitt.edu  

The Global Studies Center and the CCA work with high school language and social sciences teachers to introduce international business concepts to students through an international marketing competition. It culminates in an interscholastic competition hosted by the Global Studies Center and the International Business Center at Pitt, where students present their marketing plans in front of fellow competitors and a panel of judges from the academic and business communities, as well as answer audience questions. The teams that win first, second and third place in the final each receive awards recognizing their hard work.  


Pitt Model UN
Date & Time: November 13, 2018

This full-day simulation of the sessions of the United Nations, held on the University of Pittsburgh campus, is an opportunity for high school students to apply prior research and studies in a real-world context and practice diplomacy, negotiating, and resolution writing. Approximately 400 students participate each year. Awards are made to the most effective school teams and individual delegates. 


High School Japanese Speech Contest
Date & Time: TBA
Contact: Katsuko Shelhammer at kshellhammer@us-japan.org or visit http://www.us-japan.org/jasp/jbowl.htm
Poster Contest: for students in their first year of Japanese language study, or freshmen and sophomores in Japan-related clubs.
Speech Contest: for students in their second year and above Japanese language study.

The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania (JASP), in partnership with the Asian Studies Center the University of Pittsburgh, will be holding their annual High School Speech Contest.


Euro Challenge
Date & Time: Friday, March 22nd
Contact: Outreach Coordinator 

The Euro Challenge is a national competition for 9th and 10th grade high school students to test their knowledge and understanding of the European economy and the euro, the currency shared by many of the 28 European Union member nations. Teams of up to five students take on the role of international policymakers to explore real world economic issues and possible solutions and recommendations to those issues. Students who win the regional competition at the University of Pittsburgh have the opportunity to advance to the national competition in New York City where the tops teams are awarded cash prizes.


Model African Union
Date & Time: Tuesday, April 2nd
Location: O'Hara Student Center, 4024 O'Hara Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

This is an annual spring event where high school students represent an African country in an African Union simulation. Students debate current issues affecting African countries with different topics every year. Students also experience an African lunch and are led in an authentic West African dance. In addition to the value of building research and debate skills critical to college success, this event is a unique experience for students to gain exposure to African cultures and broaden their international knowledge.


Moot ICC
Date & Time: (Moot ICC will be held every other year starting in 2020)
Location: University of Pittsburgh, Barco Law School

Contact: Maja Konitzer, Program Manager, at majab@pitt.edu

The High School Moot International Criminal Court (ICC) Competition is designed to introduce high school students to the work of the ICC and how important international human rights issues are dealt with in an international criminal justice context. The Moot ICC is a simulation of a case presented to the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court. This is different than a mock trial, in which the penalty phase of a trial is simulated. For Moot ICC, participants will be focused exclusively on the legal issues raised by the case. This program is sponsored by the Global Studies Center and the Center for International Legal Education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (CILE). For a taster of past Moot ICC's, click here.


PA Governor's School for Global and International Studies
Date & Time: June 23 - July 19, 2019
Location: University of Pittsburgh

The PA Governor’s School for Global & International Studies will help tomorrow’s business, political, and intellectual leaders think critically about our world and the dynamic issues, connections, and perspectives within it. The Global Studies Center proudly brings the program’s prestigious 25-year legacy to a new generation. Through problem-solving activities and discussions with experts, they will tackle overarching global themes while building intellectual confidence, cross-cultural understanding and critical language proficiency – key skills to successfully navigate college and prepare them for the broader global knowledge economy. We invite teachers to nominate talented and motivated sophomores and juniors from across Pennsylvania to spend four weeks in residence at the University of Pittsburgh this summer at no cost to students. Website and Application link here.

If you would like to be a Resident Life Counselor for the Summer 2019 PA Governor's School, please check out the information to apply.


Europe Day Contest
Date & Time: TBA
Contact: Outreach Coordinator

The European Studies Center's Europe Day Contest is a multimedia contest for students in grades K-12. Students participating in the Europe Day Contest can submit projects using different forms of media related to each year's theme as an individual participant or as a member of a group of two to four students based on the type of project. Selected student winners will be awarded prizes and the opportunity to display their work at the first annual Europe Day Festival on campus. Through participation in the Europe Day Contest, students will engage in an in-depth study of European cultures, people, history, as well as contemporary issues that are relevant to both the United States and European Union. This experience will help students develop research skills and gain expertise on a topic of their interest related to an annual theme. Any of the following submission formats are possible: paper, poster, art portfolio, documentary, podcast, or website.