Mapping Loss in the Anthropocene

4130 Posvar Hall

Workshop Series Exploring Our Connection to Climate-Related Upheavals 

Mapping Loss in the Anthropocene is a Year of Creativity event co-sponsored by the Global Studies Center and the World History Center.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect on human-driven climate change and to create maps that capture or express their relationships to - changing sea levels, favorite natural locations, species impacts, affective responses -- it's up each participant how to engage this topic. 

Sponsored by: University of Pittsburgh's World History CenterProvost’s Year of Creativity, and the Global Studies Center

*Workshops are postponed until the Fall of 2020. Please check this website at a later time for further information.*
February 17, Countermapping
Guided by the 3Cs Counter-Cartography Collective , participants will “drift” through Pitt Library collections of maps and photographs, Carnegie Natural History Museum artifacts and the edge of Schenley Park while thinking about environmental change in Pittsburgh, and will then make critical and personal maps that reflect the experience of environmental change.
TBA, Geospatial Mapping
Participants will use their phones to take GPS tracks at the edge of Schenley Park, which they will integrate with digitized maps and photographs from the Pitt collection and turn into interactive digital map narratives using the ArcGIS StoryMaps or HistoryPin platform.

TBA, Maps as Art

Artists will demonstrate how to use found and recycled materials to make speculative and renderings of landscapes that are spatially aware while also being aesthetically pleasing and imaginative.
*Participation in the full series in encourages, but not required*