Global Studies: Islam and the Muslim World

TitleGlobal Studies: Islam and the Muslim World
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHusain MZ
Series TitleGlobal Studies
VolumeIslam and the Muslim World
Number of Volumes10
Number of Pages343
PublisherMcGraw Hill/Contemporary Learning Series
CityDubuque, IA
ISBN Number0-07-352772-6
KeywordsGlobal Studies, Islam, Muslim World

From Back Cover: "Global Studies: Islam and the Muslim World, is one volume in a unique series of titles that provide readers with concise background information and current world press articles on the regions and countries of the world.
Global Studies: Islam and the Modern World is a veritable mini-encyclopedia on the subject. We are living in a globally interdependent world in which it is imperitive for the non-Muslim world to understand the faith of 1.3 billion Muslims who live all over the world. Part I is an informative chapter entitled "Understanding Islam, Muslims, and the Muslim World," which comprises several vitally important aspects of Islam. Part II comprises informative country reports for the fifty-seven member states, which represent the Muslim world's interests through the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). Part III provides readers with world press articles on various aspects of the World of Islam. The book also provides readers with a thorough list of annotated internet sites on Islam as well as a comprehensive list of articles and books on Islam and the Muslim World; a selected glossary of key terms; and a helpful index.
Global Studies: Islam and the Muslim World and other volumes in the Global Studies series are designed to provide a starting point for fostering this essential international understanding.

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