The Plaid Avenger's World #2

TitleThe Plaid Avenger's World #2
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBoyer J, Klaus Shmidheiser(I)
Series TitleThe Plaid Avenger's World
Number of Pages483
PublisherKendall/Hunt Publishing Company
CityDubuque, IA
ISBN Number9780757558818 075755881X

From WorldCat: "In the Plaid Avenger's world, we will strip off the shallow window dressing in which you have been trained to see the world donned, we will lay it bare to see what is really happening around the planet. We do this in order to gain enough insight about the current state of the world to truly understand the how and why and where things are happening right now. In this world, no single government or press dictates our views; no single political party shapes our opinion; no single religion or ethnicity tints our not-so-rose-colored glasses. We will see the world in plaid: a mystical weaving of facts, figures, cultures and viewpoints from every corner of the planet, culminating into the fabric that is today." -- p. [2]

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