Life: The Story So Far

TitleLife: The Story So Far
Publication TypeFilm
Year ReleasedSubmitted
AuthorsBradshaw S
Producerfor the Environment TT
Running Time24 min.
PublisherBullfrog Films
KeywordsDeveloping World, Economics, Geography, Globalization, Health, Human Rights, Sociology, Women's Studies

From film site: "The introduction to a major new series about how the newly globalized world economy is affecting ordinary people across the planet. Although most people today are better fed, clothed and educated than ever before, there's also increasing anxiety about the future, and millions more now live in absolute poverty. The three highest-earning people in the world make more than the world's poorest 40 countries combined.

Five years ago the World Social Summit promised to eradicate poverty altogether, but world leaders who reviewed its progress in June concluded the task has been far rougher than they imagined. This program asks whether the globalized economy is now running out of control, or whether ordinary people can still hope to share in its fabulous wealth.

With contributions from key figures like James Wolfensohn, then president of the World Bank, and opinion formers like Susan George, Robert Reich, Naomi Klein, Francis Fukuyama and Noam Chomsky."

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