Yana's Friends

TitleYana's Friends
Publication TypeFilm
Year Released1999
AuthorsKaplun A, Vinokur S
ProducerBikel A, Levinson M, Rozenbaum M, Sabag U
PerformersKaplun E, Levy N, Ari SB, Alkalai M
Running Time90 min.
Date Released1999

From Amazon.com: "Winner of 10 Israeli Academy Awards, numerous international festival awards, and an art house hit in over 50 US cities, the romantic comedy Yana's Friends takes place in Israel in 1991, during the Gulf War. Yana, a young, beautiful and pregnant Russian immigrant is abandoned by her husband and left to fend for herself in the flat she shares with Eli, an Israeli wedding photographer with a passion for women. The threat of Saddam Hussein's poison gas missiles forces Yana and Eli into the same sealed bedroom where they share their stories, sparks fly, and love blossoms."

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