Planet Earth, Bonus Disc: The Future

TitlePlanet Earth, Bonus Disc: The Future
Publication TypeFilm
Year Released2007
PerformersWeaver S
Series TitlePlanet Earth
Running Time147 min.
PublisherDiscovery Communications, Inc.
Keywordsendangered species, Environment, living together

From back cover: "In this companion series to Planet Earth, we reveal the vulnerability of the natural history of the Earth- the poignant truth about the wildlife and landscapes of the series. This is an environmental series with a unique approach- using Planet Earth's most astonishing images as a starting point, we tell the new stories behind the images, and weave together key-and controversial- arguments from the world's most important environmental commentators about what the future may hold for the most endangered wild animals and places- and ultimately ourselves. This three part series includes, Saving Species, Into the Wilderness, and Living Together.

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