Islam, Asia, and Modernity

TitleIslam, Asia, and Modernity
Publication TypeFilm
Year Released2005
AuthorsYang A, Rorlich A-A, Lelyveld D, Othman N, Lombardi C, Guy K
Series TitleIslam, Asia, Modernity
PublisherHenry M. Jackson School of International Studies
KeywordsAsia, Imperial Russia, Islam, Malaysia, Modernity, Sir Sayyid, Ulama, Women's Rights

A three day conference to explore the changing politics, practices, and representations of Islam in Asia; how these changes are studied, documented, taught, and represented in the academy and the media; and how these practices affect politics, society, and culture in Muslim Asia.
Disc 1 of 6:
Anand Yang, University of Washington: Introduction
Azade-Ayse Rorlich, University of Southern California: Whither the Umma? Community, Identity, and Empire: The Muslims of Late Imperial Russia
David Lelyveld, William Paterson University: Sir Sayyid's Enigma of Arrival: Empire and the Realm of the Secular
Norani Othman, Institute of Malaysian and International Studies: Ulama, Women's Rights, Muslim Laws and the Islamic State in Malaysia

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