Asian Islam and the Politics of Knowledge

TitleAsian Islam and the Politics of Knowledge
Publication TypeFilm
Year Released2005
AuthorsIgmen AF, Chatterjee P, Mandal S, Robinson C, Sears L, Yang ZSA
Series TitleIslam, Asia, Modernity
EditionPanel 6 of 6
PublisherHenry M. Jackson School of International Studies
KeywordsCentral Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Secularism

A three day conference to explore the changing politics, practices, and representations of Islam in Asia; how these changes are studied, documented, taught, and represented in the academy and the media; and how these practices affect politics, society, and culture in Muslim Asia.
Panel 6 of 6
Ali F. Igmen, University of Washington: How does the March 2005 Revolution in Kyrgyzstan Transform the Discussion of Islam for the Historians of Central Asia?
Partha Chatterjee, Centre for Studies in Social Science (India) and Columbia University: Islam and the Politics of Secularism in India
Sumit Mandal, University of Kebangsaan (Malaysia), "Moderate" and "Extreme" Islam in Southeast Asia: Origins and Contemporary Relevance

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