The Unpredictable Present: Insight from Cairo

TitleThe Unpredictable Present: Insight from Cairo
Publication TypeAudiovisual
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHerzawi M, Bamyeh M

Pitt Sociology professor Dr. Mohammed Bamyeh is on sabbatical, only blocks from Tahrir Square. Via live video stream, Dr. Bamyeh will share
-his firsthand insights on Egypt's January 25 revolution;
-word on the Cairo street about civil war in Libya;
-how the social fabric of Egyptians has been affected by recent events.
In dialogue with Dr. Bamyeh, UCIS Visiting Professor for Contemporary International Issues, Dr. Moataz Herzawi, who returned to Pitt last week from Cairo, will present his perceptions on the role of the military, and the obstacles to, as well as glimmers of hope, for a successful transition to democracy. Dr. Herzawi has been working with activists and post-revolution decision makers on planning the course of post-revolution Egypt.

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