Pittsburgh Connector Program


305 34th St Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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The Pittsburgh Connector Program grows networks and addresses workforce needs by connecting immigrants with established professionals in the Pittsburgh area. Closely modeled after the Halifax Connector Program which began nearly a decade ago and is now replicated across Canada as well as in St. Louis and Detroit, the Pittsburgh Connector Program will use an online platform to connect immigrants, refugees, and international students with established professionals, business-owners, and community leaders in some of the region’s high-demand industries, including healthcare, finance, engineering, and technology.

Through the program, a foreign-born community member (Connectee)—who has valuable skills and professional experience but lacks an extensive professional network—will be matched with a Pittsburgher (Connector) in their field of interest. The Connector and Conectee have a one-time, 30-minute meeting. Following their initial meeting, the Connector will introduce the Connectee to at least three individuals in the field, each of whom will similarly make a minimum of three introductions to prospective Connectors in their network.

The Connector Program will benefit Pittsburghers and newcomers alike by facilitating intercultural communication and creating personal connections based on both shared interests and community members’ desire to make Pittsburgh a more welcoming and connected city.



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