Transnational Dialogues in Afrolatinidad: Gender, Identity, and Health

Join us for the second installment of the webinar series – Transnational Dialogues in Afrolatinidad – that seeks to expand transnational, transregional, and interdisciplinary exchange on contemporary and historical issues in Afro-Latin American and Afro-Latinx Studies. This webinar focuses on gender, race, identity, and health, particularly involving the experiences of Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Argentines, and U.S.-based Afro-Latinxs. Scholars working at the intersections of Africana, Latinx, Latin American and gender studies will explore the ways that these issues overlap and impact Afro-Latin Americans and their diasporic communities in the U.S.
Welcome: Manuel Roman-Lacayo, Associate Director, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh
Kia Caldwell, Professor of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; specialist in Afro-Latin America, Brazil, Black feminism, health, sociocultural anthropology.
Nancy López, Associate Vice President for Equity & Inclusion, Professor of Sociology, University of New Mexico; specialist in Afro-Latinx, gender, race, health, sociology.
Erika Edwards, Associate Professor of Latin American History University of North Carolina at Charlotte; specialist in Afro-Latin America, Argentina, gender, race, identity, history.
Paul Joseph López Oro, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, Smith College; specialist in transnational Afro-Latinx, Garifuna/Central America, Black feminisms/queer theory and identity.
Moderator: Michele Reid-Vazquez, Director, Afro-Latin American, and Afro-Latinx Studies Initiative, Associate Professor of Africana Studies, University of Pittsburgh
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Friday, February 5, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
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