Virtual Pop-UP Course

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 3:30pm to Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 4:15pm

This discussion series provides students with an opportunity to think about the most recent wave of brutal police violence in the United States in a global perspective. Participants will do up to an hour of reading, viewing, or listening in advance of each conversation; there will be no structured presentations. The goal is for students who complete the series to be able to explain how racialized and militarized policing in the USA shape and are shaped by historical and contemporary global connections and processes. 

After Registration participants will receive links to the readings, videos, or audio clips prior to each session.

*POP-UP Course*

AFRCNA 0300 Racialized Policing Pop-Up Course

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This course provides students with an opportunity to think about the most recent wave of brutal police violence in the United States in a global perspective. Expanding on our summer series, students will focus on topics such as racial capitalism, colonialism and settler colonialism, and transnational trends in militarized policing and police violence. Students who complete the course will appreciate how policing in the USA shapes and is shaped by global processes. 

The pop-up course will take place every Tuesday for 10 consecutive weeks. The first session start date is September 15 at 3 PM




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Pre-Reads: Prior to class, students should review the entire syllabus and its policies, read and consider the suggested course contract, and watch The Force (2017). 


Week 1, Introduction: 

  • Watch The Force (2017). Available on Amazon and Netflix.

Week 2, Race: 

Listen to these two podcasts from the “Seeing White” series from Scene-on Radio. 


Week 3, Colonialism and Settler-Colonialism:  


Week 4, Racial Capitalism:  

Week 5, Transnationalism:  


Week 6, Militarization:  

  • Watch Do Not Resist (2016). Available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Vimeo 


Week 7, Policing in the USA:  


Week 8, Defunding the Police:  


Week 9, The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Prison Abolition:  


Week 10, Activist Intervention: 

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Global Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh
Kat Lieder

Past Materials

Week 1 & 2

Stark, Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik: Criminal Empire: The Making of the Savage in a Lawless Land

Podcast: Episode 4 - Red and Black DNA, Blood, Kinship and Organizing with Kim Tallbear

Week 3 Racial Capitalism

Watch this lecture at the Simpson Institute by Robin Kelley 

Week 4 Transnationalism

Watch this video discussion with Stuart Schrader, author of Badges without Borders

Week 5 Policing in the USA

Listen to this podcast, “American Police,” on NPR’s Throughline, with Khalil Gibran Muhammad