Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Global and International Studies

The prestigious four-week residential program for high school students returns for summer 2017

The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Global and International Studies begins a new era with the reintroduction of the program at the University of Pittsburgh for summer 2017. Current sophomores and juniors from high schools across Pennsylvania may apply for the free, four-week, residential program by March 1, 2017. The application is available online at and must be submitted by mail.  The Governor’s School will be held June 19 to July 14, 2017.

Participants in the Governor’s School will gain essential knowledge about our world. They will live and learn together in a pre-college community on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Designed specifically for highly motivated, thoughtful, hard-working high-school students who are committed to helping others, the program will focus on issues of human rights and human security, global health, the environment, and inequality.

“The Governor’s School will appeal to high school students ready for a rigorous approach to thinking globally,” said Michael Goodhart, director of Pitt’s Global Studies Center. “This is a fun and stimulating way to spend four weeks of summer. Students can expect to acquire analytic tools to help them understand processes shaping our world as well as communication skills to relate their insights to others.”

Goodhart says that the goal is for students to begin building intellectual confidence, cross-cultural understanding and critical language proficiency. These are key skills that will help them successfully navigate college and prepare them for the broader global knowledge economy. 

The program schedule includes morning classes in less commonly taught languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, or Swahili. A core Global Issues course addresses thematic issues and provides students with an intellectual framework for making sense of our complex and interdependent world. Afternoons will be dedicated to experiential learning activities ranging from team projects and simulation games to discussions with Pitt faculty, guest authors, and policy experts. 

Evening cultural immersion programs highlight topical films and literature and expose students to food, music, and dance from around the world. Each week concludes with a capstone symposium to provide broader regional perspectives on the central themes of the Governor’s School. On weekends, students take field trips to partner organizations and participate in outdoor activities that illustrate Pittsburgh's own progress towards sustainable development. 

The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Global and International Studies has a 25-year legacy, having run from 1984 to 2008 at the University of Pittsburgh. The program is developed and operated by the Global Studies Center, in partnership with the University Center for International Studies and Pitt Study Abroad at the University of Pittsburgh.