ARTSC 1000-1010 UCIS Professional Development Course

Tuesday, January 19 to Friday, April 23

ARTSC 1000-1010 UCIS Professional Development Course
3:25 pm to 4:15 pm

ARTSC 1000-1010
Spring 2021
Wednesdays | 3:25 - 4:15 p.m.
Online Zoom Class | 300 Old Engineering Hall
Course Description
This course provides opportunities for students to explore options and establish a career direction in a time of global pandemic. Students will design a strategy for securing a position related to international/global work. Specific focus on developing competencies: career selection, job search activities, resume and cover letter development, professional networking techniques, behavioral interviewing skills and workplace ethics in preparation for employment in government, business, and nonprofit sectors.
Learning Goals
The course emphasizes developing readiness to transition to the
workplace. The focus is on the development of self-awareness, interviewing
skills, the acquisition of job-hunting knowledge as well as the formulation
of an action plan to achieve the student's job and career goals.
Learning Outcomes
1. To clarify personal interests, values, skills
and career options.
2. To research/explore various fields for
international and global careers.
3. To create a career search strategy that
can/will be used upon course completion.
4. To present self effectively in an interview or
conversation with potential employers.