Faculty Funding Opportunities


A broad summary of faculty funding opportunities can be found in this downloadable PDF: Faculty Funding Opportunities.pdf.

Asian Studies Center Grants

For international research and conference travel.  Up to $10,000.

The Asian Studies Center offers a variety of Asia-related grant programs for faculty. In addition to dedicated grants that cover research and conference travel for Korea, China, Japan, and other Asian regions, the Center offers grants to support the development of new Japan studies courses, and Japan studies publication subventions.  Learn more >

Bowman Faculty Grants for Research

For international research and curriculum development. Ten grants of $2,000.

The Bowman Faculty Grants for Research abroad are biennial grants awarded to Pitt faculty members to enhance the quality of their teaching or to develop new courses through research abroad. Funded by an endowment in memory of former Chancellor John Gabbert Bowman, the grants are available to full-time faculty members who have been teaching for at least one year at the University of Pittsburgh. Learn more >

Center for Latin American Studies Funding

For international research, curriculum development and travel. Up to $4,000.

Faculty must be affiliated with CLAS to take advantage of grants to fund research projects on Latin America and the Caribbean that will enhance the academic expertise of faculty members and will enrich the Latin American/Caribbean content of their courses. Learn more >

Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies Grants

For international research, travel, curriculum and language development. Rolling deadlines.

The REEES small grants program provides funding for faculty travel and research on topics relating to the Russian, eastern European and Eurasian region, as well as grants for course development and language module development.  The funding is available to REEES-affiliated facultyLearn more >

European Studies Center Funding

For EU and European research and fellowships.

To support the study of Europe and the European Union, the European Studies Center has a variety of faculty funding opportunities, including grant competitions, fellowships, and funds for research in Germany. Learn more >

Global Studies Center Funding

For interdisciplinary international research, curriculum development and travel.

The Global Academic Partnership program (GAP) strengthens interdisciplinary research and curriculum development on global themes while enhancing international scholarly ties for interdisciplinary international research. The Global Studies Center also has a variety of faculty grant programs for research and travel related to Center's core themes of Human Rigths/Human Security, Global Inequalities, and Global Health. Learn more >

Global Studies Faculty Fellowship

For research, projects, curriculum development and travel. Up to $20,000.

One outstanding Pitt faculty member—whose scholarship supports the Center’s research, curricular, and outreach priorities—will be selected as the Global Studies Faculty Fellow. This award is designed to advance and showcase faculty research related to GSC’s themes. Learn more >

Hewlett International Grants Program

For international research, curriculum development and travel. Awarded twice per year. $500 to $5,000.

The Hewlett International Grant Program helps Pitt faculty in the development or completion of international projects involving another country or culture, comparative analysis covering more than one country or culture, and studies of international relations or transnational activities, as well as studies examining global issues. Hewlett International grants may also support the participation in conferences abroad, regardless of discipline or topic. Learn more >

International Business Center Grants

For research support, course development, and faculty development

A core mission of the International Business Center is to support the international development of faculty. IBC offers course and business language development grants as well as faculty research grants related to international businessLearn more >

International Collaborations on Sustainable Innovations Grants

For research support, international collaborations, and faculty development

The goal of the grant is to seed funding to develop new international collaborations that advance work in solving pressing sustainability problemsLearn more >

UCIS Faculty Fellowship Program

For major faculty projects that directly enhance the University´s capabilities in international studies.

The UCIS Faculty Fellowship enables faculty members to undertake projects or acquire skills that enhance the University’s capabilities in international studies. The Fellowship is awarded in close collaboration between UCIS, the faculty member, and his/her dean and department chair. The grant includes a limited research fund.  The Fellowship does not interrupt the accrual of terms toward a sabbatical. Learn more >