2019 Nationality Rooms Scholarships Winners

Congratulations to all this year's recipients of the Nationality Rooms Scholarship Program! You can see photos of the winners, along with their study and research plans, at the Nationality Rooms Scholarship Program Facebook page. You can also download a comprehensive list of 2019's winners in PDF format.

The Nationality Rooms Committees have awarded scholarships for summer study abroad annually since 1948. This year marked another milestone for the scholarship program, as the committees awarded a record-high amount $205,000 among 54 recipients.

The University Center for International Studies also awards scholarships through the Study Abroad Program.


African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Ms. Florence L. Williams: Lindsay Ejoh—Legon, Ghana, to gain a different perspective on music education and learn how non-western societies express themselves artistically. 

African Heritage Room Committee Grant in memory of Ms. Florence L. Williams: Mica House—Iringa, Tanzania, to study Swahili and health issues in East Africa.

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Dr. Joseph and Heidi Novak: Danielle Schomer—Vienna, Austria, to study the music and culture of Vienna.

Austrian Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Dr. Joseph and Heidi Novak: Manasi Thirumoorthi—Graz, Austria, to examine the roles of health care workers in Austria in comparison to the United States.

Chinese Room Committee Scholarship: Lindsay Hopewell—Shanghai, China, to study Chinese culture, language, and economics as they relate to the life of the average Chinese citizen.

Czechoslovak Room Committee Scholarship: Mark Garger—Prague, Czech Republic, to immerse himself in the culture of Prague and take classes toward his certificate in Russian and Eastern European Studies.

German Room Committee Scholarship: Jacob Kuzy—Munich, Germany, to study the German language and culture and teach English and German in a local migrant camp.

Indian Room Committee Scholarship: Anupama Jayachandran—Mussoorie, India, to study public health and practical first aid in the Himalayas and research how the Himalayan Mountain Range itself might have influenced cultural identity in the face of occupation by the British.

Indian Room Committee Scholarship: Salena Ringenbach—Mussoorie, India, to study health and wilderness first responder training in the Himalayas.

Italian Room Committee Scholarship: Michael Hayden—Genoa, Italy, to study the literature and history of the city of Genoa and its region.

Japanese Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Mrs. Fukue Takano: Michael Boroch—Tokyo, Japan, to study the Japanese language and culture.

John F. Kennedy/Irish Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Daniel Milton Rooney: Megan McKenzie—Dublin, Ireland, to study cultural differences in health care and clinical practices in speech-language pathology.

David L. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship: Samuel Winderman—Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to study urban sustainability focusing on the three Ps: planet, profit, and people.

David L. Lawrence Memorial Grant: Zeinab Abbas—Entenbe, Uganda, to learn about the hidden people of Uganda and how they affect the nation’s domestic and foreign policy from experts and experienced researchers and staff.

Herbert Lieberkind Memorial Scholarship: Seana Gysling—Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden, to study dental health care and patient satisfaction in Scandinavia and compare it to that of  the U.S.

Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Scholarship: Ciera Thomas—Madrid, Spain, to immerse herself in Spanish language and culture and complete a communications internship.

Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Grant: Janice Im—Napo, Ecuador, to research what barriers hospitals and health centers in Tena, Ecuador face in offering mental health services to Quechuan women who experience intimate partner violence.

Polish Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Gertrude Jakubowski Long: Noah Kotzin—Krakow, Poland, to increase fluency in the Polish language through immersion and gain better cultural understanding.

Polish Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Gertrude Jakubowski Long: Tyler Rabiger—Warsaw, Poland, to research the impact of state-controlled banks in Poland’s avoidance of the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Helen Pool Rush Scholarship: Anna Coleman—Johannesburg, South Africa, to research how climate change is addressed outside of the U.S. by working with environmental engineers at the University of Witwatersrand.

Helen Pool Rush Scholarship: Carolyn Brodie—Iringa, Tanzania, to study Swahili and health care in East Africa.

Helen Pool Rush Grant: Madeline Hobbs–Capetown, South Africa, to work with underserved children by facilitating a STEM tutoring program as well as a recreational soccer program.

Helen Pool Rush Grant: Chinyere Iwuanyanwu–Khon Kaen, Thailand, to learn about the food, language, and overall culture of Thailand while studying the health care system.

Nationality Council Scholarship for Quo Vadis Guides: Kayla Paterini—Berlin, Germany, to complete an international business internship.

Savina S. Skewis Scholarship: Julia Rossetti—Cochabamba, Bolivia, to study intensive Spanish language and get involved in the community by participating in a service-learning project.

Savina S. Skewis Grant: Silvia Bononi—London, United Kingdom, to study accounting and complete a business internship to gain an international perspective.

Ivan Santa-Cruz Memorial Scholarship: Prathyusha Pandu—Santiago, Chile, to observe hospitals and work in underprivileged neighborhoods to promote health education.

Robert and Helen Sette Scholarship: Breanne McDermott—Havana, Cuba, to improve upon Spanish speaking skills and immerse herself in the Cuban culture.

John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship: Alex Anthony-Williams—Taipei City, Taiwan, to study intensive Chinese and complete an 11-week internship in international finance.

John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship: Sarina Chow—Taipei, Taiwan, to study business and gain a practical understanding of Taiwan’s economic and political role throughout Asia and abroad.

Women’s International Club Grant in honor of Cynthia G. Maleski, Esq.: Emily Fjeldstad—Antananarivo, Madagascar, to study traditional medical practices in Madagascar and use them as a compliment to her practice of Western Medicine.

Women’s International Club Grant in honor of Cynthia G. Maleski, Esq.: Julia Lynch–Iringa, Tanzania, to study health issues in East Africa and gain a culturally-diverse perspective on medical practices.

Women’s International Club Scholarship in honor of Cynthia G. Maleski, Esq.: Benedicta Olonilua—London, United Kingdom, to compare British Sign Language and culture to American Sign Language and culture and to research Deaf art and how it can serve as a tool to educate hearing individuals on Deaf experiences. 


African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Ms. Florence L. Williams: Rebecca Babalola—Windhoek, Namibia, to research various infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, and maternal and child health at the Windhoek Central Hospital.

African Heritage Room Committee Grant in memory of Ms. Florence L. Williams: Samantha Monks—Gulu, Uganda, to research stigmatizations of marginalized groups that emerge from war and conflict and investigate the themes of sexual and gender-based violence and psychological trauma.

Dorothy Bradley Brown Physical Therapy Scholarship: Andrew McCarthy–Brussels, Belgium, to gain an international perspective in the practice of physical therapy.

Fred C. Bruhns Memorial Scholarship: Heather Solomon—Amman, Jordan, to participate in Al Mashriq for intensive Arabic and intern at the Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit that works with refugees.

Chinese Room Committee Scholarship: Azure Wilson—Shanghai, China, to study laryngeal physiology and learn experimental surgical laboratory techniques that support her PhD research.

Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Scholarship: Tanya Shirazi—San Salvador, El Salvador, to research the current conditions Salvadoran women/children may return to if deported back to their home country with the impending elimination of Temporary Protected status for Salvadoran Immigrants. This research will inform creative works of fiction and nonfiction.

Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Grant: Aaron Ross—Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to complete an internship that connects at-risk youth with social services and to develop Spanish language skills.

James W. Knox Memorial Scholarship: Chloe Glover—Lima, Peru, and La Merced, Peru, to perform fieldwork and collect data pertaining to a geological anomaly at the Central Andean Plateau.

Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Scholarship: Emma Lamberton—Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to conduct a cultural analysis and pull from historical, anthropological, sociological and psychological literature to discuss how the Soviet Union changed Mongolian value systems.

Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Grant: Adam Lee—Oslo, Norway, to investigate why jazz has maintained a continuous and important place in Norwegian society since World War II and explore possibilities for the application of these ideas in the United States.

Frances and Sully Nesta Memorial Grant: Jacob Eisensmith—Southern Italy, to examine the portions of Italy that are left out of the Renaissance narrative, one which often overlooks heightened contact  with Islamic cultures and goods in the wake of the Crusades.

Frances and Sully Nesta Memorial Scholarship: Eliza Jermyn–Perugia, Italy, to study Italian language and do translation-based research related to Fernanda Pivano’s translation of A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.

Polish Room Committee Scholarship in memory of Dr. Donald F. Mushalko: Kelly Chastain–Krakow, Poland, to research the history of Krakow under Austrian rule during the time of the Polish Partition, focusing on the years between 1895–1905.

Stanley Prostrednik Grant: Kathryn Pataki—Amsterdam, Netherlands, to research sex workers’ own conceptualizations of empowerment/disempowerment within Amsterdam’s Red-Light District.

Stanley Prostrednik Scholarship: Chie Togami–London, United Kingdom, to research key strategic decisions of the environmental movement by examining how climate change activists choose between different tactics and targets and how these decisions shape the successes of the movement.

Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Grant: Sana Kagalwalla—Manila, Philippines, to conduct research aiming to reduce health disparities in underserved communities.

Stanley Prostrednik Health Grant: Dzigbordi Kamasa-Quashie–Capetown, South Africa, to study the potential relationship between viral infections and Sudden Unexpected Death of Infants and Sudden Infant Deaths.

Stanley Prostrednik Health and Sciences Scholarship: Inngide Osirus—Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to assess health disparities that exists among Haitian women who are HIV positive and assess their maternal health outcomes.

Dr. & Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Scholarship: Mary Braza–Jumla, Nepal, to explore the variation in the geometry of the main fault beneath the Himalayas in Western Nepal.

Dr. & Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Grant: Marin Kheng—Indonesia, to design and implement a community health needs assessment in Indonesia to better understand the current state of surgical access within a specific community.

Turkish Nationality Room Committee Scholarship: Victoria Hoang—Gaziantep, Turkey, to observe on-the-ground operations and develop long-term solutions that alleviate challenges refugees face during the integration process.