B. Guy Peters Awarded Honorary Doctorate

University of Pittsburgh political science professor, Dr. B. Guy Peters received an honorary doctorate from Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven in Belgium as part of the university’s Patron Saint’s Day celebration on February 2, 2015.  Peters is the Maurice Falk Professor of American Government in Pitt’s Department of Political Science.

 Each February, KU Leuven recognizes individuals for exceptional achievements in science, society, and culture.  In the “Laudatio” presented during the conferring ceremony, KU Leuven professors Bart Kerremans and Annie Hondeghem described Peters as “the most eminent Public Administration scholar of our time.  He plays an important role in the ongoing conceptualization of governance and its application in the analysis of policymaking. Several of his contributions to the literature can be characterized as a call for a “return to the fundamentals” of political science as a discipline. This is most obvious with respect to new institutionalism and governance.”

 Peters, has lent his expertise to international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Commission, and UNICEF.  He has written and edited over 70 books, including The Politics of Bureaucracy, which he describes as the foundation for the comparative study of public administration for at least three decades.  He has written numerous articles and has founded several leading journals, including the European Political Science Review and Governance, an International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions.

Peters has played a significant role in the development and application of new institutionalism in political science, and Professor Kerremans praised him as an “expert in American government, a leading comparativist, a much-read interpreter and creator of administrative paradigms, and a prolific author of profound research and engaging prose.” 

This is Peters’ fourth honorary doctorate.  He has also received this distinction from the universities of Vaasa, Göteborg and Tallinn.  In addition, Peters serves as Distinguished Professor of Governance at Zeppelin University in Germany.