Marcia Landy receives an Honorary Doctorate from Stockholm University

University of Pittsburgh Distinguished Professor Emerita Marcia Landy was awarded a prestigious Honorary Doctorate from Stockholm University on September 30, 2016, in appreciation of her outstanding contributions to the Humanities.

Marcia Landy was one of the eight exceptional academics conferred with an honorary doctorate for contributing in distinctive ways to Stockholm University’s activities in research and education. She has collaborated with the Department of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University for many years, including teaching courses at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. Prof. Landy received her award at the grand ceremony that took place in Stockholm City Hall, the venue for the Nobel Prize festivities.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Stockholm University Vice Chancellor, said in her public remarks that “Universities are neither local nor national, but global. Our mission is to act internationally, with the world as our horizon.” She praised the honorary doctorate recipients for their “contribution to the long-term development of our university through your research and education.” 

The ceremony was made even more memorable with the participation of two Nobel Laureates. Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Literature, who was awarded an honorary doctorate in the Humanities, and American professor Frank Wilczek, the winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics, who was appointed professor in theoretical physics. 

Founded in 1878, Stockholm University is a world-class research university and one of Europe’s leading institutions of higher education. The annual celebration honored newly appointed professors, jubilee doctorates, honorary doctorates, and recent Ph.D. recipients. Prof. Landy and the other honorary doctorate recipients were presented with a laurel wreath, a diploma and a doctoral ring, in a ceremony that was heavy in symbolism and tradition, but also looked to the future. 

Dr. Marcia Landy is Distinguished Professor Emerita of English and Film Studies with a secondary appointment in the French and Italian Languages and Literatures Department at the University of Pittsburgh. Her many publications include British Genres: British Cinema and Society, 1930-1960 (1992), Film, Politics, and Gramsci (1994), Cinematic Uses of the Past (1996), Stars (2004), and Cinema and Counter-History (2015). Her essays on cultural theory, cinema history, national cinema, genres, and Gramsci have appeared in anthologies and in such journals as Screen, Post Script, Jump Cut, Film Criticism, The Journal of Film and Video, New German Critique, French Review, American Imago, Critical Quarterly, Cinema Journal, Rethinking Marxism and Critical Studies. She was the recipient of the 2005 Chancellor's Senior Research Award.