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Swanson School of Engineering invited Dr. Belkys Torres, executive director of global engagement, to present a session on how the University of Pittsburgh is growing and strengthening its community of Latinx students and scholars.  Learn More >
Each year International Week at Pitt is led by the University Center for International Studies in collaboration with numerous offices and units across campus. Join us for International Week from October 14 - 18.  Learn More >
On October 16, the University of Pittsburgh welcomes back renowned scholar on Cuban studies Carmelo Mesa-Lago to discuss his latest book, 'Voices of Change in Cuba from the Non-State Sector.' Learn More >
Expert panelists, including the University of Pittsburgh's Ariel Armony and Renmin University's Shoujun Cui, discuss the future of the growing relationship between China and Latin America and the impact this will have on U.S.-Latin American relations. Learn More >
The University of Pittsburgh hosted the town hall event on September 20, 2019, to focus public attention on climate, gender, and sustainability and steps from local activism to global reform. Learn More >
To explore regional and global challenges to water equity, the forum will connect University of Pittsburgh faculty and students with Amizade community organizers from Pittsburgh’s Hill District, the Pine Ridge Reservation (South Dakota), and Brazil’s Amazon region along with nonprofit leaders at the World Aral Region Charity that works in Uzbekistan’s Khorezm Region and the EcoSoap Bank. Learn More >
Samir Lakhani (A&S ’14), founder of Eco-Soap Bank, returns for Emerging Global Leaders Program at Pitt. Learn More >
Wanjira Mathai
Pitt alumna Wangari Maathai was the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the first environmentalist and first African woman to receive the honor. She was a political activist in Kenya who fought for democracy, human rights, and environmental conservation. Learn More >
Silver Francis Oonyu, an alumnus of the university, and Ronald A. Brand, the Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg University Professor and John E. Murray Faculty Scholar at the School of Law, are recipients of the 2019 Sheth International Awards. Learn More >
Vice Provost for Global Affairs Ariel Armony was quoted in an article in Diálogo Chino, an online journal dedicated to exploring aspects of the burgeoning relationship between Latin America and China. Learn More >