Academic Opportunities

Undergraduate  and Graduate Certificate Programs

If you want to add an international dimension to your university major, consider pursuing a UCIS undergraduate or graduate certificate program.  The certificate is designed for students in any major or department, who wish to intensify their study of a world area —either because they intend to use their knowledge of that critical part of the world in their careers after graduation, or because they realize the importance of understanding the history, language, and culture of another part of the world as a crucial component of their liberal arts or professional education. Certificate programs combine a combination of foreign language training and multidisciplinary area studies and when the academic degree and certificate requirements are completed, both accomplishments are posted on the student’s official academic transcript.

Bachelor of Philosophy in International and Area Studies (BPhil in IAS)

The Bachelor of Philosophy in International and Area Studies (BPhil in IAS) – is offered by the University Honors College (UHC) in cooperation with the UCIS. The BPhil is an undergraduate interdisciplinary degree that emphasizes rigorous independent scholarship.  It appeals to those who are attracted to the challenge of serious research focusing on area or thematic studies. The BPhil in IAS can only be taken as a second major; students in the BPhil in IAS must complete the requirements of a major in another discipline in addition to the BPhil in IAS requirements.  Additionally, students must maintain a 3.50 cumulative GPA.  Students attempting a BPhil in IAS must complete an approved program of study involving coursework, foreign language, and study abroad, and must complete and publicly defend a research thesis (the BPhil thesis) before a faculty examination committee that includes a visiting faculty member from outside the University. To read more about the BPhil in general click here. For more information on the BPhil in IAS tracks available through UCIS, see below.

Asian Studies Track
Asian Studies Program
BPhil Advisor: Katy Carlitz
Tel: 412-648-7370

European Union Studies Track
European Studies Center
BPhil Advisor: Stephen Lund
Tel: 412-648-7405

Global Studies Track
BPhil Advisor: Elaine Linn
Tel: 412-648-2113

Latin American Studies Track
BPhil Advisor: Julian Asenjo
Tel: 412-648-7392

Russian and East European Studies Track
BPhil Advisor: Susan Hicks
Tel: 412-648-7407