UCIS in the Community

Each of the academic centers within UCIS offers a wide-range of services for academic and cultural support in the local communities, foundations, businesses and area schools. Each program is staffed with an outreach coordinator who oversees the cultivation and dissemination of information about a particular area.

Social Media
The smartest way for globally minded K-12 teachers to keep on top of activities and trends in international studies and educational resources: Facebook. Learn More »
UCIS' educational outreach focuses on promoting international education by advising K-12 teachers, college faculty, and community college educators in the development of curriculum, with emphasis on language and international studies. Learn More »
The leadership of UCIS and the leaders of international business enterprises in the Pittsburgh region are in frequent contact and have pursued successful projects together. Learn More »
When local, state, or federal governments need help with international matters, they turn to UCIS. Learn More »
UCIS programs provide background briefings and contacts for the media in foreign sites and for local and national news organizations. Learn More »
General Public
UCIS organizes a substantial number of conferences, colloquia, and forums on international issues that are open to the public. Learn More »