Student Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities

International Studies Fund

The International Studies Fund (ISF) is intended to help students at the University of Pittsburgh conduct research on international issues or in international settings. “International” is defined as relating to another country or culture, comparative analysis covering more than one country or culture, studies of international relations or of transnational activities, or studies which examine topics related to global issues. Full-time graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Pittsburgh from all schools and campuses are eligible to submit a proposal, including international degree-seeking students.  Learn more >

Study Abroad Scholarships

Students may apply to a range of scholarship possibilities to help defray the cost of a study abroad program.  Learn more >

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

U.S. government funded fellowship for foreign language and area studies available for select languages in four of UCIS's centers. Please see the detailed information about undergraduate and graduate FLAS fellowships and apply online.

Newman Award for International Intergenerational Project Initiatives

The Newman Award for International Intergenerational Project Initiatives is intended to partially support the expenses of international travel incurred by University of Pittsburgh graduate and rising undergraduate senior students students involved in an academic project with an international intergenerational component. Intergenerational projects involve the participation of a community’s older and younger persons in planned, ongoing interactions designed to address a social issue confronting the community. These projects directly impact the health, education or overall quality of life of the community’s young and old.
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Research Opportunities

One of the greatest benefits a major research university such as Pitt can provide to its undergraduate students is the exposure to world-class research. This section is intended to summarize undergraduate research opportunities in international studies.  Learn more >

Graduate Fellowship Database

A collection of graduate fellowships from the Cornell University Graduate School. Learn more >