Seminar Locations: University of Pennsylvania


2018 NCTA Seminar at the University of Pennsylvania,

Center for East Asian Studies

"Teaching About East Asia Seminar at the University of Pennsylvania"

In spring 2018, Margaret Lonzetta and Lesley Solomon will lead a seminar at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. This seminar is intended for middle and high school teachers of World History, World Culture, Geography, Economics, Language, Literature and Visual and Performing Arts. Applicants can also be a supervisor, or a demonstration/resource teacher responsible for training other teachers.


Seminar Dates in 2018:


Seminar Times:

Saturday Meetings 9am-3pm

Thursday Meetings 4:30-7:30pm


Seminar Location: University of Pennsylvania

Application and Brochure: 2018 NCTA Penn Flyer


Application Deadline: December 31, 2017


Benefits for Teachers who successfully complete the requirements for the 30-hour NCTA Seminars:


For More Information, Please contact:

Margaret Lonzetta:


Lesley Solomon:



David Dettman

Center for East Asian Studies

University of Pennsylvania.

642 Williams Hall
255 S. 36th Street
Philadelphia PA 19104
Tel. 215-573-4203

Fax: 215-573-2561


Margaret Lonzetta

Margaret Lonzetta



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