Other Resources Created by NCTA Alumni/Staff

Day of the Western Sunrise

Day of the Western Sunrise is a documentary about Castle Bravo, the largest U.S. nuclear test to date, and the lives of 23 Japanese fishermen who were caught in the radioactive fallout during the 1954 test in the Bikini Atoll. Told in a combination of Japanese kamishibai animation and live action, the film can be used to discuss issues of nuclearization, advocacy, and humans rights as well as connecting to subjects such as history, art and science. The documentary is supplemented with an NCTA alumni created Educational Toolkit designed specifically for educators.

Individuals and institutions can purchase the DVD and Toolkit at: http://daliborkafilms.com/

Asia 1-2-3

Asia 1-2-3 (pdf) is a toolkit of Asia-related books and hands-on projects for kids (4-11 yrs), teachers and librarians. This unit was put together by the former Asian Studies Center's Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Murawski and Julie G. Kant, a children's librarian at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

2018 NCTA Teaching Modules

2018 NCTA Teaching Modules  : In 2018, seven NCTA alumni from throughout Tennessee created fourteen  teaching modules about East Asia that are deisgned to both accommodate the Tennessee 2019 Middle and Seconday School Social Studies standards and to reach a national audience of teachers and students. Module topics include low fertilty rates and population issues in Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, post-war development of the two Koreas, and Confucius.