University of Pittsburgh 2020-2021


University of Pittsburgh 2021

Thank you for your interest in NCTA seminars at the University of Pittsburgh. We are planning a virtual seminar for Fall 2021. Please check back later for full information

In the meantime, you are welcome to apply for one of the six summer online seminars run by the Pitt NCTA or join us for one of our numerous short programs.

Summer Online Seminars 2021 that are available to K-12 educators in Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and West Virginia:

Please click on the link below for a complete listing of our online summer foundational East Asia seminars across our region:

A Pitt NCTA seminar will broaden your approach to the standards and issues of concern to students. Designed as an introduction to the cultures of China, Japan, and Korea, the course will encourage and facilitate K-12 teaching and learning about East Asia in World History, Geography, Social Studies, Art, and World Literature. Each seminar also touches upon topics such as diversity in world history, Asian cultural identities, geography in history and culture. Develop lesson plans for your current courses. Learn how to use NCTA online resources for in person, hybrid and online classes.

Certificate of Completion (36 hours) will be given to all K-12 educators who complete the course requirements. Two Act 48 credits plus 6 hours will be given to Pennsylvania teachers who complete all requirements.

Benefits for educators who complete all seminar requirements

All Pitt NCTA 36 hour seminars provide:

$200 worth of materials for educators, including a textbook and subscription to Education About Asia journal

$100 mini-grant for additional teaching materials 

$200 stipend (after completion of all assignments and seminar meetings)

Certificate of Completion (36 hours)

Other Professional Development hours/credit possible, depending on the seminar site

NCTA alumni have access to alumni newsletters with updates on free programs, online resources, recommended books and films, and opportunities for travel to East Asia



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