Sofia National Opera
7 March 1959 

Faust    Ilija Jossifov
Marguerite    Katia Popova
Mephistopheles    Nikolai Ghiaurov
Valentin    Georgi Genov
Marthe    Nadia Bardarova
Siebel    Dimiter Tzolov

Atanas Margaritov, cond. 

Act I

05:10  Avant de quitter ces lieux
10:40  Rien! En vain j'interroge

Act II

04:15  O sainte médaille
07:07  Le veau d'or
16:50  Waltz Scene


06:55  Quel trouble inconnu ... Salut demeure chaste et pure
14:45  Il était un roi de Thulé
22:25  Ah, je ris
32:17  Serviteur! Il était temps

Act IV

12:15  Scene 2 - L'Eglise
18:20  Vous qui faites l'endormie
32:40  Act V, Scene 2


First performed in Sofia in 1910 with subsequent productions there between 1919 and 1929, Faust was popular in all of the opera houses in Bulgaria. From 1944 to the present day, productions have taken place in Stara Zagora, Varna, Ruse, Plovdiv, Pleven and Burgas. This performance was recorded monaurally by BNR at the Sofia National Opera and features a young Nikolai Ghiaurov singing the role of Mefistopheles in Bulgarian along with the rest of the cast. Note that the opera has been substantially rearranged in this performance.