Aleksandar Kraev, baritone

The baritone, Aleksandar Kraev, was born on 1 May 1895 in Omurtag. As a child his earliest musical training was on the violin. In 1907 he attended the Music Dramatic School of the Moscow Philharmonic Society.

His stage debut was as Slav in the Bulgarian Opera, Borislav by Atanasov on 4 March 1911 with the Bulgarska Operna Drushba. He continued on there as one of the leading soloists. In 1917 he traveled to Germany for additional studies and appeared there with the Berlin Royal Opera singing the roles of Escamillio and Amonasro. In 1920 he attempted to organize the Opera Theater in Plovdiv but unfortunately only 2 performances were presented before the Opera Company was closed for financial reasons. During 1925 he toured Berlin for various concerts and in 1928 left for Vienna where he was active in opera performances. Included in his concert repertoire were many Bulgarian folk songs. International appearances took him to Paris, Strasbourg, London, Belgrade and Bucharest.

Major roles in his career included Eugene Onegin, Figaro, Sharpless and Marcello. He recorded extensively for the Polydor, Columbia, Decca and Homocord record companies.

Aleksander Kraev died on 24 August 1958.

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