Konstantin Michailov-Stojan, tenor

The tenor, Konstantin Michailov-Stojan, holds a very important role in the development of opera in Bulgaria. Born in 1851 in Russia, he received his training at the Conservatory of St. Petersburg. After appearing with an operetta company, he was engaged by the Bolshoi Teater in Moscow between 1888-1890 and 1897-1898.

During the season of 1893-1894 he appeared at the Imperial Opera House of St. Petersburg. Successful appearances followed in Kiev, Odessa and in Vilnius where in addition to singing he taught vocal students. Following this he became a professor and then Director of the Conservatory of Rostov, at the same time singing roles at the Theater of Smolensk. Major roles in his career included Herman (Pique Dame), Lenski, Prince Igor, Alfredo, Tannahäuser and Faust.

In 1908 he came to Bulgaria to assume the leadership of the Bulgarska Operna Drushba, in addition to performing with the Sofia National Opera. Through his efforts the opera life in Bulgaria began to flourish. In 1910 he was responsible for the premiere of the first Bulgarian opera, Siromahinya by Emanuel Manulov. Under his management, other opera works by Bulgarian composers Georgi Atanasov and Dimiter Hadjigeorgiev were performed.

Konstantin Michailov-Stojan died on 14 June 1914, after only six years with the Sofia National Opera.

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