Zhelyu Minchev, baritone

The baritone, Zhelyu Minchev, was born 18 March 1888 in Haskovo. His first vocal lessons were with Popivanov. In 1906 he attended the Geneva Conservatory. Following graduation, he continued his studies in Milan, Naples and Paris.

His debut was on 18 October 1908 as Di Luna in the first performance of the Bulgarska Operna Drushba. He sang with this company until 1929 after which he toured Bulgaria singing folk songs. In 1937 he moved to Vienna and began work as a vocal pedagogue. Such famous singers as Todor Mazaroff, Herbert Aizen, Aleksander Milchinov and Maria Reining were among his students.

Major roles in his career included Tonio, Germond, Valentin, Almaviva and Borislav in the opera of that name by Atanasov.

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