Center for Russian & East European Studies

The Center for Russian & East European Studies (REES) at the University of Pittsburgh is an interdisciplinary center focusing on Central and Eastern Europe and the successor states of the former Soviet Union. As a Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) funded by the US Department of Education, REES plays a critical role in promoting regionally focused scholarship and teaching on Pitt’s campus and raising awareness among wider communities in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. REES's affiliated faculty members come from the humanities, social sciences and professional schools. The Center develops and supports student programs focused on foreign language acquisition, cultural immersion, and interdisciplinary area studies certificates to complement traditional disciplinary degrees. REES also partners with various international and domestic organizations to promote educational, technical and economic development in the Center's world area.

Services Offered: 
Cultural Festivals
Guest Speakers
High School Student Events
Intensive Summer Language Study Opportunities
Professional Development Workshops
Resource Lending Library
School Visits


Here is a sample of materials generated by the Center for Russian & East European Studies or as a result of programming in which they participated.


Intended Audience:
Higher Education, Post-Secondary

Recording of talk delivered by Dr. Adriana Helbig, Associate Professor of Music at the University of Pittsburgh, at the workshop "Mobilizing People, Students, and Ideas: Social Movements Across the Globe and in the Undergraduate Curriculum," held at the Community College of Beaver County on April 10, 2015.

Bibliographies/Suggested Readings

Intended Audience:
9-12, Faculty

This curriculum guide provides:

Intended Audience:
9-12, Faculty

This curriculum guide provides:

  • A description of the unique traits of Bulgarian culture.
  • A description of the effects of political, economic and cultural changes and how these changes shaped the present Bulgarian nation.
  • Identification and explanation of the contributions of key historical individuals and groups in politics, the arts, and religion in...