Pitt Libraries


The University of Pittsburgh libraries and collections (www.library.pitt.edu) provide an abundant amount of information and services to the University’s students, faculty, staff, administrators, and researchers. The University’s 26 libraries and collections contain over 6 million volumes. In addition, they include more than 5.5 million pieces of microforms, and over 130,000 current serials. Below are some relevant subject guides and useful resources compiled by University librarians.

Global Studies: http://pitt.libguides.com/globalstudies

Global Health: http://pitt.libguides.com/globalhealth

Global Disaster Management: http://pitt.libguides.com/disaster

Asian Country Research: http://pitt.libguides.com/asiancountries

Latin American Studies: http://pitt.libguides.com/latinamericanstudies

International Organizations: http://pitt.libguides.com/internationalorg

Russia and Eastern Europe: http://pitt.libguides.com/REES

United Nations: http://pitt.libguides.com/undocs

Social Theories: http://pitt.libguides.com/socialtheory

Middle East: http://pitt.libguides.com/middleeast

Muslims in a Global Context: http://pitt.libguides.com/muslims

BRICS and CIVETS: http://pitt.libguides.com/emergingmarkets 

African Studies and African Country Resources: http://pitt.libguides.com/africa 


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