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Thursday, November 16

Let's Talk Africa
Kenya: Maturing or Democracy in Crisis?
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Dr. Joshua Kivuva
4217 WWPH
Sponsored by:
African Studies Program
Macrina C Lelei
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For decades, Kenya had been considered the hope of Africa’s democracy. Unfortunately, Kenya’s democratization seems to be accompanied by what are clearly anti-democratic features. Violence, manipulation and rigging of elections, political exclusion, intolerance and blatant attempts to close political spaces for some groups, have been on the increase. Despite the over three decades of democratization, the transition does not seem to have yielded significant changes in the institutional composition of the country, even after the promulgation of a new Constitution, which enjoyed widespread popular support. The violence that has characterized Kenya’s elections since 2007 and the opposition’s boycott of the repeat 2017 general elections, point to a democracy that is in serious trouble. Please join us as Prof. Joshua M. Kivuva, a Visiting Scholar from the University of Nairobi’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration, leads a discussion on this topic as part of the African Studies Program's Let's Talk Africa Series.