Events in UCIS

Thursday, January 28 until Thursday, February 4

4:00 pm Festival
MEET EU Short Film Festival
Sponsored by:
European Studies Center
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Inspired by the European Year of Rail, which shines a light on one of the most sustainable, innovative, and safest modes of transportation, and acknowledging the challenges we have all faced during the pandemic in traveling and forging new connections, the inaugural MEET EU Short Film Competition for U.S. Youth asks young people to create a short film (documentary or non-documentary) responding to the theme “Transatlantic Connections”. The theme is intentionally broad and entrants are encouraged to be creative in how they interpret it.

MEET EU: Making Encounters, Engaging Transatlanticists, is a grant generously funded by the European Union through the European Union Delegation to the US in Washington, DC. The goals of this grant are to shine a light on the EU and the importance of the transatlantic relationship through the eyes of young Americans. We encourage entrants to think creatively to give us your perspective on the European-American relationship, similarities and differences between countries, and why this relationship matters.

Monday, February 1

7:00 pm Film
Housing is Healthcare! Let's Demand the Human Right to Housing
Sponsored by:
Global Studies Center
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Global finance is profiting handsomely from the pandemic while growing numbers are facing housing insecurity, threats of eviction, and houselessness. Join us in watching the documentary film, Push, which tells the story of how global banks and investment firms are turning our communities into sources of private profit, taking control of residential housing around the world, and pushing out low-income residents. The film tells another story too: residents and city officials are coming together to demand that housing be protected as a human right.

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