For Faculty

An overview of the many opportunities and resources that are available to faculty through UCIS.

Area Studies Faculty Grant Programs
A variety of faculty grant opportunities can be found within each UCIS area studies center. Learn more >
Central UCIS Funding Opportunities
Funding opportunities from UCIS include the Hewlett International Grants Program and UCIS Faculty Fellowship Program.  Learn more >
Fulbright Scholar Program
The Fulbright Scholar Program is administered through the Study Abroad Office, in cooperation with the Center for International Exchange of Scholars in Washington, DC. The Study Abroad Office maintains applications for interested faculty members. Learn more >
Library Collections and Guides
An overview of related library materials available at the University of Pittsburgh. Learn more >
Research Proposal and Management Service
Offers help for faculty when writing proposals dealing with international themes. Learn more >
Study Abroad Program Development
For faculty interested in developing and leading a study abroad program. Learn more >
UCIS Faculty Survey
Faculty with international experience--particularly those affiliated with UCIS--are asked to create a survey profile in the UCIS Faculty Survey System. The data supports UCIS' efforts to obtain and maintain outside funding for international studies. Learn more >