Global Sustainability


The University of Pittsburgh and the International Studies Consortium of Georgia (ISCOG) will introduce topics associated with development, conservation, and sustainability contrasting dynamics and processes in different world regions. Funded by National Resource Center grants from the U.S. Department of Education, this series is designed to help educators develop and implement creative global content into their curricula. In addition to learning about how local/global intersections in each region, educators will also explore Pitt’s HELMS framework for area and global studies.



Global Sustainability

PART 1: Regional and Global Governance Pertaining to the Preservation of the Amazon Region
This series engages and promotes critical thinking about Amazonia’s current and future sustainability. We will work through approaches to the region’s role in water and food security, clean energy supplies, climate change, art, music, and cultural expressions.


Friday, April 14, 2023
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


REGISTER - PA K-12 Educators Earn Act 48 Credit Hours


We will also explore the ways the rest of the world “deals” with it; how does a region that seems so remote affect living beings all over the world? And, how policies created elsewhere aim to solve the sustainability and conservation challenges that Amazonia faces—such as Global politics and national leaders in the Amazon; International Organizations and development; Asian Investments in Amazon’s Agribusiness; European Chocolate, biodiversity in cocoa production and sales; global energy/global politics or Comparing Russian environmentalism and forests in Soviet times; decolonizing conservation in Africa among many other subjects and topics. Join us on this thoughtful exploration of different world regions and their importance to life on earth.


PARTICIPANTS: K-16 educators, MSIs, HBCUs, CCs educators, and administrators


KEYWORDS: Amazon region, sustainability, development, and conservation


OBJECTIVES: Participants will be able to learn about issues related to Amazonia, particularly related to development, sustainability, and conservation. Improve understanding of diversely different and clearly interconnected dynamics that affect daily lives all over the planet. This will allow educators to have resources at hand to teach in their classroom as well as satisfy the requirement of teaching to the standards.





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