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The Global Studies Center is a dynamic and innovative program that is one of an elite group of seven global centers funded by the US Department of Education. We seek to promote critical thinking and practical engagement with the world through the interdisciplinary study of transnational processes. We emphasize the connections, divisions, disruptions, inequalities, and productive possibilities these processes engender across time and space. We foster innovative research, rigorous study, and thoughtful practice through our collaborations with staff, students, faculty, and community partners locally and around the world, creating diverse and inclusive spaces for intellectual growth and debate

Services Offered: 
Guest Speakers
High School Student Events
Professional Development Workshops
School Visits


Here is a sample of materials generated by the Global Studies Center or as a result of programming in which they participated.


Intended Audience:
Higher Education, Post-Secondary

Recording of talk delivered by Dr. Adriana Helbig, Associate Professor of Music at the University of Pittsburgh, at the workshop "Mobilizing People, Students, and Ideas: Social Movements Across the Globe and in the Undergraduate Curriculum," held at the Community College of Beaver County on April 10, 2015.

Intended Audience:
Faculty, Post-Secondary

Introduction to April 2015 workshop on "Mobilizing People, Students, and Ideas: Social Movements Across the Globe in the Undergraduate Curriculum" at the Community College of Beaver County, followed by a lecture by Dr. James Cook, Associate Director of the Asian Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh, on “The River and the Air Run Black: Teaching China’s Environment."

Bibliographies/Suggested Readings

Intended Audience:
Faculty, K-12, Post-Secondary

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Program Manager
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