Best Practices Showcasing Globalization Across the Curriculum

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Higher Education
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International Education
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Curriculum Internationalization

In January 2018, the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) at the University of Pittsburgh invited faculty from two and four year institutions of higher education to attend a one-day workshop on internationalizing across the curriculum. For the past five years, UCIS has partnered with the Nine University and College International Studies Consortium in Georgia and with the Community College of Beaver County and other local community colleages to provide multidisciplinary faculty development workshops on incorporating global and international themes into syllabi. This workshop was the culmination of five years' worth of collaborations where the past participants of faculty development workshops gave presentations on how they globalized their classes.
Panel I: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Globalizing Institutional Curricula
Presenters: Rajgopal Sashti (Nine University and College International Studies Consortium/Middle Georgia State University),  Lucia Gbaya-Kanga (Community College of Philadelphia), and Valerie Gray (Harrisburg Area Community College)
Panel II: Maximizing Limited Resources to Globalize History Curricula
Presenters: Bronson Long (Georgia Highlands College) and Brian Gurian (Harrisburg Area Community College)
Panel III: Globalizing Business Courses
Presenters: Denie Burks (Georgia Highlands College) and Jodi Carver (Community College of Beaver County)
Panel IV: Pedagogical Approaches to Infusing the Study of World Regions into the Curriculum
Presenters: Christopher Ward (Clayton State University) and Brad Maguth (University of Akron)