Teaching Kazuki Kaneshiro's "Go"

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Teaching Go was an online book discussion of the 2018 Freeman Award winning book, Go, by Kazuki Kaneshiro that took place in May 2020. A modern nod to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Go is the story of a Korean boy and a Japanese girl who fall in love. Kaneshiro examines the ideas of fate and love at first sight, friendship and violence. The author’s main focus of this bildungsroman is how we define ethnicity and identity, and the effects of prejudice and discrimination.
The discussion was led by Dr. David Kenley of Elizabethtown College, PA, a well-known NCTA speaker and Ms. Michele Beauchamp, NCTA alum and literature specialist. Presentations focused on the history of Koreans living in Japan as well as the litereary connections that the novel shares with Romeo and Juliet
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