Whose Narrative? Re-Examining War Memorials in East Asia and the U.S.

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Professional Development
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Thursday, April 4, 2019 5:30 pm

An evening workshop for K-12 educators.

Thursday, April 4, 5:30-8:30pm

Room 4130 Wesley Posvar Hall

University of Pittsburgh campus

Free parking (in Soldier's & Sailors parking garage), free teaching materials, dinner and Act 48 provided

Registration deadline: Monday, April 1.


Join Dr. David Kenley of Elizabethtown College and Dr. Kirk Savage of University of Pittsburgh for a critical look at war memorials in Japan, Korea, China and the U.S. What are the messages these memorials want us to understand? Why are those messages being made and what is being left out? How does collective memory figure into the memorials? How can we teach our students to be more critical viewers of war memorials? Dr. Kenley's talk will be "Remembering and Forgetting: War Memorials in East Asia." Dr. Savage's talk will be on "Curating History: Civil War Commemoration and Social Justice." For more information on the workshop, please go to:



Space is limited, so please register by emailing Patrick Hughes at: hughespw@pitt.edu If you would like to receive Act 48 hours for this workshop, please include your PPID#.


This workshop is sponsored by the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA), the Global Studies Center, and Asian Studies Center in Pitt's University Center for International Studies.