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NCTA provides content rich professional development programs for K-12 educators and pre-service teachers in all fields. This includes face-to-face college level seminars, online courses, workshops, book groups, webinars, and among other opportunities. Below are current offerings both locally and nationwide:

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Investigating Japan’s Edo Avant Garde Workshop and Film Screening for K-12 Educators at Minneapolis Institute of Art



Investigating Japan’s Edo Avant Garde Workshop and Film Screening

for K-12 Educators at Minneapolis Institute of Art 


Workshop: Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25-26, 2023 

9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day 




Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia), Minneapolis, Minnesota 


Open to All Educators in Alabama, Delaware., Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia 



Join our colleagues at the Minneapolis Institute of Art for a free two-day in-person workshop featuring the film and award-winning curriculum units for Edo Avant Garde. Documentary filmmaker Linda Hoaglund and master teachers Angie Stokes and Kachina Leigh, along with Brenda G. Jordan, will take you into the world of Japanese painting during the Edo period (1603-1868).


Workshop will include screening of the film, curator-led tours of the current Japanese art exhibits, and hands-on workshops on Japanese painting and papermaking techniques. Breakfast and lunch provided. Some funding is also available for lodging for K-12 educators who live more than 60 minutes away from Mia. Art teachers prioritized but teachers of all subjects welcome. The Edo Avant Garde curriculum was awarded an Honorable Mention for the 2022 Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for curriculum development by the Association for Asian Studies. 





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Great Books of East Asia Series - The Tale of the Heike


The Great Books of East Asia Series - The Tale of the Heike

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

6:00pm - 8:30pm (Eastern Time)


Join Pitt NCTA for the third in our “Great Books of East Asia series,” a free online book discussion group for K-12 educators. This spring’s program will provide you with the chance to delve into one of the greatest epics of Japanese literature, The Tale of the Heike. This 14th century memorial to the ghosts of war depicts the struggles between the Taira and Minamoto clans for control of Japan during the Genpei War.
Join Japanese literature specialist Dr. Elizabeth Oyler and master NCTA teacher Michele Beauchamp for a journey into heroism, cruelty, power, glory, sacrifice, and Buddhist thought as well as a discussion on incorporating this into the curriculum.

The discussion on this Japanese classic will take place via Zoom on April 4, 2023 at 6pm (Eastern Time).  Registrants will be sent a complimentary copy of Royall Tyler's The Tale of the Heike.

Pennsylvania teachers who complete this workshop will receive 2.5 Act 48 hours.  For teachers in other states, we can provide you with a certificate of completion.

After you register, we will send you a confirmation email and will (depending on your response below) a complimentary copies of the books. Educators who complete the program will receive a Certificate Completion; Pennsylvania teachers will receive Act 48 hours.   You will also receive information on accessing the Zoom meeting for the workshop in a follow-up email.



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Michele Beauchamp is an English teacher at Manheim Township High School in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She received her MEd from the University of Pittsburgh and for the past 27 years she has taught all levels of secondary English Language Arts. Michele incorporates Asian literature into her coursework and provides colleagues with resources for teaching about Asia.  


Elizabeth Oyler, Associate Professor of Pre-Modern Japanese Literature and Performance, Chair of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh Dr. Oyler’s research is motivated by a fascination with the way historical and cultural memory are represented in literature and performing arts from Japan’s medieval period, particularly the fifteenth century. Her first book focused on Japan’s most famous military tale, The Tales of the Heike, exploring its connections to and influences on both the writing and performing of the early age of Japan’s first shogunate. She is currently working on a book-length study of noh drama, specifically how the staging of a set of plays by early playwrights simultaneously codifies and undermines spaces of the poetic and social landscapes of the early fifteenth-century. 


More About Great Books of East Asia Series

The Great Books of East Asia is a free book discussion series that will give K-12 educators a chance to delve deeply into important and foundational books from East Asia that they may know of or even teach about but may have never read in an enriching way.  Some books in the series are significant for understanding East Asia or are well known as important works of world literature. Others may not be familiar outside of a particular country but are a central part of that country’s literature.  Participants will be provided with complimentary copies of the books (in translation). The discussions will be led a faculty expert who will provide content and context on the work, and an NCTA master teacher who will discuss ways to incorporate the work into the classroom.


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