Truth, Misinformation, and Technology in World History

Saturday, June 1

Truth, Misinformation, and Technology in World History
10:30 am to 4:00 pm

The Alliance for Learning in World History is thrilled to announce its call for applications for “Truth, Misinformation, and Technology in World History” a one-day virtual professional development workshop held on Saturday, June 1 from 10:30am-4:00pm Eastern. The ALWH welcomes applications from educators at all levels who would like to explore how to teach and talk about “Truth, Misinformation, and Technology” in a world historical context in their classroom. The theme of is intended to include the widest range of topics and geographic locales. The event also provides teacher's with the opportunity to workshop their own syllabus or assignment that engages with the workshop theme. All accepted participants will receive a $200 stipend. Apply by April 1, 2024!
Workshop Description: These days, educators at all levels are worried about technology in their classrooms. How can we help our students use it responsibly? How can we, as teachers, incorporate technology in our classrooms in ways that help students think about truth claims and the link between information and power?
While AI and ChatGPT dominate today’s discussions about these issues, concern about technology, authenticity, and authority have a long and global history. In this one-day virtual professional development workshop for educators at all levels, our three speakers will explore 500 years of “big data”, technology and political disinformation, and people’s fascination with the idea of “automatic writing.” Apply here by uploading a resume, short letter of interest, and a sample assignment.
The event will feature three keynote talks from three experts engaged in cutting edge research on the themes of truth, misinformation, and technology in world history: Dr. Roopika Risam, Dartmouth College; Dr. Elise Silva, University of Pittsburgh; and Dr. Annette Vee, University of Pittsburgh.