Embrace the World

Our Global Vision

We convene bright minds to explore and address global issues that improve life in the world’s local communities.

By engaging in research, policy, partnerships, and the study of language and culture, we open the door to global citizenship.

Our Role as a Global University

We aspire to serve as a global convening point where individuals and communities can freely engage in collaborative dialogue and activities that positively impact the quality of life, health, prosperity, and social mobility of people here and around the world.

We believe we are all members of a global community, and our role is to integrate local and transnational perspectives that advance new knowledge and ground-breaking innovation while fostering cultural awareness, worldwide partnerships, and life-changing research.

Pitt to the World | the World to Pitt

We have a unique opportunity to realize our global potential as a comprehensive university with the capacity to not only sustain strong teaching, research, public service, and entrepreneurial relationships abroad, but also to bring the world to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

The transformative potential of this approach will shape the future of our University, our city, and our region.

Cultivating Global Ready Students

Pitt is dedicated to cultivating globally capable students through our ever-expanding curricular and co-curricular offerings and study abroad programs.

By providing all students with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s world, we can guide them toward expanding their perspectives through global awareness, cultural empathy, and understanding of real-world issues.

Making a Global Impact

As a convener of bright minds around the world, Pitt will assert its international leadership to promote research that advances issues of major relevance to the well-being of our community and other communities abroad.

We are part of a global community of researchers that advances our frontiers of knowledge and tackles real-world problems.

Global Learning & Engagement Assessment

To align with emerging trends in the field of international education in the United States, UCIS adopts a learner-centered approach to student learning outcomes assessment and program evaluation that privileges competency-based learning.

Assessment and evaluation efforts are led annually by the UCIS Joint Academic Affairs and Assessment Committee, comprised of representatives from each area studies center/program and currently chaired by the executive director of global engagement at UCIS. The UCIS Joint Academic Affairs and Assessment Committee provides leadership and assistance in developing and overseeing a program of evaluation and feedback to enhance institutional effectiveness.

Ariel Armony, Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, serves as the Pitt's chief global officer.

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